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no-shore means off-shore value with domestic quality & communication

"MD Revolution has worked closely with Sursumcorda Resource Group (SRG) for about 3 years. With David Wesley's leadership and incredibly reliable and precise management skills, SRG has developed and now supports our digital health platform for chronic care management, as we continuously enhance and expand the platform's functionality and capabilities to meet the needs of our growing company and customer base. They have done a wonderful job for us. SRG's work is high quality and their team is personable, professional, and passionate about development excellence and hitting deadlines. They communicate in a way that creates a productive relationship built on trust and transparency. They honestly care."

Jean Balgrosky, PhD - CIO, MD Revolution (Former CIO of Scripps Health) - San Diego, CA

"As a health and wellness application product start-up, with a limited development budget, we initially decided to go with an offshore development group and approach.  We had experienced many of the stereotypical issues with offshore development - language, culture, time change - and were unable to create the product we were hoping for. 

We transitioned development to Sursumcorda Resource Group and Portugal-based software developers and were able to rebuild the product and release a high-quality robust MVP within 3 months.  Sursumcorda's powerful and adaptable agile development process ensures that we, as business customers, stay in the loop and encounter no surprises. We continue to work with this team to evolve our product and I would highly recommend them to businesses seeking high quality software at reasonable rates."

Tom Waddell - Principle and Co-founder, TheraTec - Minneapolis, MN

Off-shore development is challenging.

Let's be honest.  Traditional off-shore and virtualized development projects have a mixed track record.  Low hourly rates seem very attractive but achieving quality results can be challenging, given diverse cultures, communication styles, and time zones.  

Within the last few years, Sursumcorda Resource Group (Sursumcorda) has been asked to "save" some typical offshore projects for US-based customers and has experienced, first-hand, the challenges of developing software and multimedia in this way.  While the application of Sursumcorda's organic agile development process greatly enhanced the quality and efficiency of the off-shore projects, progress and quality were still lacking, along with perceived value of the off-shore model.  As a result of these sub-optimal experiences, the Sursumcorda team became motivated to find more effective alternatives for our customers..

There has to be a better way to do off-shore development with high quality and discounted rates. 

In 2013, Sursumcorda researched and explored potential new sources of primary global development talent with the goal of partnering with world-class smart developers/organizations... who embodied cultural and communication symbiosis with US-based customers...  who were committed to software excellence, and could deliver quality software at "off-shore rates"...  a tough set of criteria to meet.  

There is a better way.  Hello Portugal!

We're pleased to report that we identified beautiful sunny Portugal as an optimal and underutilized source for great tech.  In 2013, Sursumcorda founder, Dave Wesley, with 30 years of IT and software development experience, moved to Porto, Portugal, and established a network of extremely talented development partners/resources which has now grown to over 50 people strong including developers, systems architects, designers, business analysts, scrum masters, project managers, quality assurance specialists, systems integration specialists, and devops ninjas, located in Portugal, Eastern Europe, and USA.

Together, Sursumcorda's domestic US-based team and PSDN, have been resuscitating floundering off-shore projects, building new products and apps, and making customers happy.  Our cooperative network partners learn and embody Sursumcorda's contemporary virtualized organic agile methodology and have a strong commitment to writing great reusable code...  providing consistent and transparent interaction with our customer project teams, meeting customer business product release deadlines...  all at discounted rates compared to US-based resources...  a great value.

Robust tech stack expertise and talent.

Languages:  Ruby, Java, C/C++, C#, PHP, Python, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Clojure, Objective-C, Swift
Frameworks:  Ruby on Rails, Django, Android, iOS, Nodejs, AngularJS, React/Redux, .NET (ASP.NET, WPF, Metro), Swagger, etc.
Content Management Systems:  WordPress, Sitecore, Drupal
Databases:  PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, SQL Server
DevOps:  Amazon Web Services, Azure, Heroku, Google App Engine, Docker, Capistrano, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Werker, Codeship
Healthcare systems integration:  Mirth HL7, DirectEMR, Epic, Cerner, Greenway, eClinicalWorks, GE Centricity, NextGen, Athena
Process:  Highly transparent and collaborative organic agile, continuous integration, continuous delivery (as appropriate). 

Healthcare related projects are our specialty.

Sursumcorda and PSDC have deep background in healthcare (HIPAA compliance, HITRUST compliance, and FDA-approved apps), consumer health, health outcomes, clinical research, learning management, communications, multimedia production and straight-up consumer focused websites and web/mobile/enterprise applications.

Current and recent projects:

  • Chronic care management platform ground up architecture and application rebuild plus legacy system support and maintenance - Ruby on Rails, React/Redux, .Net, Angular.js, iOS, Android, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mirth Connect, AWS, ClearDATA

  • Clinical weight loss web and mobile application with medical device integration - Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, React Native, iOS, Bluetooth LE, AWS

  • Patient engagement program management platform development and support - PHP, Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap, Javascript, MySQL, AWS

  • Mobile post-procedure recovery integrated with associated medical devices - Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, iOS, Android, Heroku

  • Advanced Directives for emergency, critical and advance care planning service mobile development - iOS

  • Diabetes informatics (Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) and capturAGP web applications) and education platform development and support - Java, Javascript, PostgreSQL, WordPress, AWS, WPEngine

  • Clinical and biospecimen databases front-end application development - AngularJS, Java

  • Mobile health and wellness coaching platform with learning engine for personalized user engagement - Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, iOS, Android, Heroku

  • Healthcare enterprise communication and workflow management full platform architecture and application development - Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, PostgreSQL, Mirth Connect, AWS

  • Integrated care management and patient data collection/reporting platform - .Net, SQL Server, Angular.js, Azure

  • Benefit engagement platform mobile development projects - Android, iOS

  • Mobile document management - React Native, Android, iOS

  • Several technology assessment projects for investment due diligence.

Key collaborative partnerships:

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We are always looking for talent.

If you have an interest in working with Sursumcorda, send and email to jobs@sursumcorda.com that includes a brief cover email. Please include the following information:

  1. Your capabilities
  2. Why you want to work with us
  3. What you would bring to the team
  4. Why you are passionate about creating great software
  5. Your rates
  6. Attach your resume

We will respond to those whose skills correspond with our current needs. Thank you in advance for your interest!

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